5 things I learned about this Pregnancy

A pregnancy is different each time. I know this. After all, this is a fact.

I just thought that mine would be different in a small way from the first one.

Boy was I wrong.

When I was pregnant with B, I was only 24 going on 25. Young, fairly healthy, and innocent. I was more fearless. I didn't really worry much about the baby. I ate what I wanted and B wanted a few things and most were doable.

I slept easily. I ate almost anything. Save for a mishap, it was fairly an easy pregnancy till labor day came along.

This current pregnancy is very EVENTFUL.

Lesson 1: Simply because you like something does not mean you will like it while pregnant. 

I love shrimp but there were a couple of weeks that I absolutely hated it. I couldn't look at it, much less eat it. I don't know why. I just didn't like it.

Lesson 2: Your taste buds are messed up AF. 

M created a quasi salad of mango and watermelon with condensada drip upon my request. For me, it was SO DELICIOUS. I really enjoyed it. When my sister and B tried it though, they both said it was yucky. Apparently, my taste buds have a mind of it's own.

Lesson 3: Things can change in an instant. 

Sometimes I sleep like a baby at night, sometimes, I'll be up the whole night. Sometimes, I like M and sometimes I hate him. Sometimes, I'd eat a lot and other times, I found myself starving for 2 days.


Lesson 4: Your shoe size will grow ... AGAIN. 

I used to be a size 9. When I gave birth to B, I became a size 10. Now, I'm an 11. Sigh.

Lesson 5: Family matters. 

My first pregnancy, I was basically on my own. B's Dad was there but my family wasn't. When we moved to Cebu, I had my relatives but it's still different when you have your own family to back you up and check on you.

I feel so lucky that this time around, my entire family is here and M's entire family has our back.

I still have 6+ months to go so I'm pretty sure that I will be learning more things. This has been quite a journey so far, one that continues to surprise me on a daily basis. I look forward to learning more and to being surprised again and again. 

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