Sheraton launches Sunday Fiesta


This was the first word that came to mind soon as I stepped inside the S Kitchen of Sheraton Hotel Manila.

I've been to a lot of buffet, too much if I'm gonna be honest, but the S Kitchen is the first in a long time that I felt excited and giddy.

The place comes off as welcoming and cozy even though it has high ceiling and full length windows. The way they placed everything, the color scheme, and overall feel makes you want to stay, eat, and have a long conversation with family or friends.

On Sundays, they have what they call the Sunday Fiesta where on top of all the usual sumptuous feast, they serve the most awesome Filipino food.

You need to try the Kalderetang Kambing. It is a must! The meat was so tender, it was cooked properly so there was no weird smell, and the taste was the kind that would make you down 4 cups of rice.

This is also the first time I've seen Onigiri being offered as part of the buffet. This makes me so happy because I've been hunting onigiri since the first time I tried it during a Korean Product Festival. 

I tried this and wanted to eat more than 2pcs but since there were still more to try, I stopped myself at 2.

There is also an abundance of  seaood that you can choose from. Some of them are cooked while others can be requested to cook any way you prefer.

For the awesome part, there was an entire bar dedicated to desserts and when I say an entire bar, I meant an entire bar. They had chocolates, cake, Filipino delicacies such as sapin sapin, ginataan, and even palitaw.

The Sunday Fiesta is happening this whole month of June so make sure to catch it while you can. It really is a must and it would make for wonderful memories with family and friends.

My Mom loved the place and is already making plans of bringing my twin brothers here when they visit from Singapore.

To see the whole place and other things that the Sunday Fiesta has to offer, please watch the video below.

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  1. Yuuummmyyyyy! A Sunday fiesta? I am totally here for that. Thanks for sharing friend!

  2. I really had a great time watching your about the sheraton launches video.

  3. Wow, this sound cool and yes my Sunday is going to be awesome with this. Love it.

  4. Wow!!I love seafood <3 I will definitely go this place soon!!


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