Monday, July 15, 2019

Caltex airs World Record Rides

Caltex customers will be glad to know that the same Caltex with Techron they fill up with in their everyday journey is the same fuel that recently powered a 28-year old car to set a world-record of fastest 1,000 meter ascent up Doi Chang Mountain, Thailand’s highest peak, in under 7 minutes.   

In connection, Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc.(CPI), also announced the selection of famous actor Dingdong Dantes as the newest Caltex brand ambassador for his record-setting ways. 

This was revealed today during the media launch of Caltex’s latest campaign, Record Breaking Fuel, in partnership with Guinness World Records. The event also features, Record Rides, a two-part show produced by National Geographic that shows the journey of the attempt to set a World Record by Caltex.

Record Rides, puts two well-known TV personalities, adrenaline junkie and radio DJ, KC Montero and professional race car driver Natasha Chang on a mission to create the craziest, record breaking driving experiences in Asia. Their challenge is to conquer the summit of Thailand’s tallest mountain, Doi Chang Mountain Road using an everyday car powered by Caltex with Techron® fuels. Along with bragging rights, at stake is the Guinness World Record. It is a record that breaks new grounds as there is no such existing record and no effort has been done before using an everyday car. 

Doi Chang Mountain is located in Chiang Rai, the historical capital of the old Lanna Kingdom, home to misty mountains, colorful hill tribes and picture-postcard ancient Thai temples framed by blue skies and lush greenery.

“As a leading visual storyteller, National Geographic’s programming pillars of exploration, education and science resonate well with the Caltex brand. Hence, we are proud to partner with the channel to create Record Rides for our viewers and motorists in Asia. This show will demonstrate how Caltex with Techron® fuels can power an engine towards achieving an extraordinary journey,” says Brian Fisher, Caltex Brand Manager.

The two episodes of Record Rides on National Geographic, with Caltex as the sole presenting partner, is part of Caltex’s Fuel Power Challenge. A record timing of 6 minutes 52.692 seconds, the fastest ascent of Doi Chang Mountain Road by a car was set by Natasha Chang.

“Caltex with Techron® is specially formulated to clean and protect engines. The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title achievement helps demonstrate how a clean engine powered by Techron® can function at its most optimum, which includes delivering maximum power to your wheels,” said Greg Engeler, Product Engineering Manager for Caltex.

With the world record powered by Caltex with Techron®, the campaign encourages drivers to fuel up with the same fuel that set a world record and experience its power in their everyday drive. The campaign rolls out in Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong from July to October 2019.

Caltex Philippines’ record-breaking endorser

Jose Sixto Gonzalez Dantes III known to many simply as Dingdong Dantes is a motorcycle enthusiast. A visit to his Instagram feed would show his love for the two-wheel ride. But more than his impressive collection of motorcycles, Dingdong’s various successes in life are so much more worth noting.

An exclusive talent of GMA 7, Dingdong touts the title GMA Primetime King and has under his belt numerous acting awards. He is also a TV host, a film producer and an entrepreneur – he co-owns a car dealership in Paranaque and manages his own film studio. He is also a sought after, effective celebrity endorser and influencer. He is also the founding chairman of the Yes Pinoy Foundation, an advocacy that caters to three functions: youth, education and service. Dingdong juggles all these together with being a husband and a loving father to two beautiful kids with Marian Rivera.

“All the things I’ve achieved in my life so far, I made them happen with hard work and passion. There may be a lot of challenges I have to face on the road to make my dreams happen but I keep going because I want to be the best version of myself,” shares Dingdong. “That’s why I’m happy to be chosen as Caltex’s newest brand ambassador. We share the same belief.”
“Dingdong Dantes is a great representation of our world-record breaking brand, embodying our brand’s main tagline and philosophy of “Enjoy the Journey”.  He fits Caltex’s personality - positive, friendly and adventurous that encourages people to enjoy the experience of whatever they’re doing and wherever they are going, ” said Louie Zhang, CPI Country Chairman. “His list of achievements is also clear proof of his determination to be at his personal best.  Just like Caltex. We embrace the difficult to achieve the extraordinary in our desire to provide the best premium quality fuels for motorists.”  
Watch out for exciting new journeys with Dingdong!

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