Thursday, July 11, 2019


Yes, you read that right. Shabunoki is a place where shabu shabu and samgyupsal are both being offered. M and I chanced upon this place one afternoon when I couldn't decide what I wanted to have for lunch. The words shabu shabu and samgyupsal caught my eye so we decided to go have a look. 

There weren't a lot of people when we went in which made me a little apprehensive. However, the friendliness of the staff immediately put me at ease.

It turns out that you either avail of the shabu shabu OR the samgyupsal. Both are available at Php499 per head so M and I decided to go with samgyupsal. For an additional Php150 per head, you also get unlimited wagyu cubes.

So what does the regular Php499 get you?

We got one kind of pork (but it' the good kind in my opinion,) two kind of beef, sausage, scallops, and shrimp. You also get 9 kinds of side dishes, shabu shabu soup, rice, and unlimited iced tea. I'd say that this is a really awesome deal.

I've been to Shabunoki twice, once with M and the other with my fam. We both enjoyed and felt that we got more than what we paid for. I've actually told people about this place because I really love the food and the service.

Shabunoki is located at BF Aguirre, right beside Meat Depot.

UPDATE: We went here yesterday July 14, 2019 and it was a bit of a madhouse. Though there were service lapses because they were understaffed, I'd still say that overall it was good and I'd still go back. The owners approached us and apologized and the servers really tried their best to make sure that all 14 of us get what we needed when we requested. 

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