Sunday, April 7, 2019

March 2019 Recap

The first week of April has gone by and I feel that I am now ready to talk about March. January recap and February recap was such a good thing for me so I want to also do one for March.

Since last month was all about empowering women, I decided to talk about red flags that women need to look out for when they date someone new. I thought that to be truly empowered is to know how to protect yourself from the true monsters of the world.

Another thing that an empowered woman should be able to do is to prepare for the future and so I finally got myself insurance. I know that I'm a little late but as they say, better late than never. 

I've also learned to just love myself. I thought that I should share tips to others who read this blog because we all know that there are so few people in this world who actually love themselves and if I could help someone, then this would be all worth it.

I also got introduced to essential oils and I am so happy because I now sleep better, I have more focus when I want to, and it's just been great. The oils have been really great in doing the things that it is supposed to so I am now a firm believer of doTERRA essential oils. 

Financially speaking, I'm not in the best position but since I have learned that saving money will only happen if you make it happen, I finally got to save even a little bit. 

Other things that I was able to try on for the first time was to ride a 10 seater plane, have a full meal at Antonio's, and also get interviewed for the first time via live stream. I've also tried steak delivery for the first time which was really, really awesome. Rare Food rocks.

However, the best food finds for me last month was Fantastic Chef. Seriously. I'd love to eat there again given the chance.

I also learned to doodle last month which was pretty amazing!!! 

And I also won a kickass microwave last month which was pretty darn good because I rarely attend events now and I rarely win during raffles so this was really an awesome thing.

March was also the same month that my sister turned 19. It was a low key celebration but as always in our household, what matters is that we are all together.

PS. My Mom and M got to ride Ferrari's for the first time in their lives so that was pretty good too.

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