5 Things to Remember during Sign Ups

One thing I noticed about bloggers is that for someone who writes for a living, a lot of them seem to NOT READ which is really disappointing. You'd think that for people who write for a living, they would actually know the value of reading because that's what we aim for at the end of the day right?

Someone to actually read what we have written.

So I decided to write about the 5 things that people need to remember when they sign up for anything.


When you sign up for something, the rules and requirements will always be different. You can't assume that everything will be the same and just have a template ready to post. Nope, it doesn't work that way.

2. CHECK if you actually QUALIFY.

I've seen this happen so many times. Non-beauty bloggers signing up for beauty events. Single women with no kids or even nephews or nieces signing up for Mommy events. Vegetarians signing up for a steak review and the list just goes on.


So many bloggers sign up and when they get in, back out, or worse, just ghost you. This is really frustrating and it makes people question your integrity as a person. Did you just want the feeling of being chosen? Did something better come up? Did the request overwhelm you? Did you die and truly become a ghost?

We deserve an explanation!

4. ANSWER Right

When you actually list down your credentials, please make sure all pertinent details are in there. This is a no brainer.

5. Thank you, NEXT!

If you didn't make the cut, be gracious. Don't message the person demanding for an explanation as to why. If you really wanna know, you can send a nice inquiry asking what you need to improve on so you can do better next time. If you don't receive a response though, simply move on. Not everything is meant for you.

I hope this helps and if you wanna better yourself as a blogger, feel free to read 8 blogging tips, 5 Ways to Syndicate, Content Creation, How to Get People to Stay on your Site, and 5 Things to Remember for Event Invites.

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