Monday, June 10, 2019

Southside Grill's Seafood to Go

The rainy season is officially back which means that a lot of people will choose to stay home rather than eat outside. Southside Grill knows this which is why they recently launched their Seafood to Go program.

Seafood to Go is a new addition to their already extensive menu and this is for pick up or delivery via Lalamove (you will shoulder the shipping cost of course!)

Here's how it works. 

For the crabs, it's Php750 for 1.5kg, Php850 for 1kg of prawns, Php550 for 1kg of Manila Clam, and Php400 for 1kg of tahong. You can choose a minimum of 2 or order all. It's really your call.

For the add ons, you can choose up to 4 options and it's Php100 per add on.

For the sauce, you can only choose 1. No half and half.

These are your options. My mind went blank when I saw it because I wanted everything.

These are the different sauces you can choose from. Since I couldn't decide what to have, I ended up getting everything save for the Manila Clams and Tahong.

Even though we have already eaten so much before this dish was served, we still managed to wipe everything out.

To see the interview with the Chef, please click below.

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