Thursday, June 6, 2019

Is a Vintage Engagement Ring a Good Choice?

If you are planning to pop the question in the not too distant future, the engagement is something to carefully consider, as it symbolizes your eternal love, and hopefully, the love of your life will be over the moon when she first sees the ring. Take a good look at her fashion style, and if you think along the lines of a vintage design, you are likely to be on the right road to choosing a ring that she will fall in love with.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

The 1940s saw an aggressive campaign by the diamond mogul, De Beers, that introduced the concept of diamonds and true love, and today, diamonds are very much the stone for an engagement ring. When looking at vintage engagement rings Sydney ladies prefer you can opt for one with diamonds. With a choice of colors, you can rest assured she will be overjoyed.

What is Vintage?

As you probably know, an item is considered an antique if it is more than one hundred years old, and vintage would be 90 years old up to 30 years ago, and during that time, there were some classic jewellery designs.

Choosing something that goes with her style ensures success, and, of course, you need to find out her ring size, as vintage rings are not really suitable for resizing, so make sure you have the ring size covered. She might love the 1920s, as there are many stunning diamond engagement rings from that glorious period, and with a Google search, you can find a reputable antique dealer.
Online Solutions

Where does one go to view some classic diamond engagement rings? Actually, you can browse an extensive collection of vintage diamond engagement rings from a reputable  online antique dealer, one that specializes in vintage jewellery. An established dealer would have access to a network of other dealers, giving you a wider range of rings to view.

The 40s and 50s

This is the period when jewellery design was at its peak, with diamond clusters and classic settings, and the online antique dealer is the person to contact regarding vintage and antique jewellery.

The dealer would likely know something about the history of any particular ring, which adds to the attraction, and with so many quality items, there’s bound to be something just right.


It won’t be many years until that exquisite vintage diamond engagement ring is an antique and providing it is well cared for, it will increase in value. Not that you would ever consider selling the ring, but should you need some security for a business loan in the future, the ring can be used as collateral.
Knowing her style is the key to a successful ring acquisition, so take the time to note what she wears, and this will prove invaluable in your search for the perfect engagement ring. Buy from a reputable antique dealer, as they have genuine articles and are fairly priced, and with her ring size, you can go ahead and buy with confidence.

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