Wednesday, May 8, 2019

GoodWork.PH, are they worth booking?

One of the things that I have been seeing is the rise of cleaning service. I know that this is a thing in Korea and Japan but I did not realize that the Philippines is slowly learning to go for this kind of service.

As someone who has always had a helper to clean our home, I didn't see the value of it before until I saw that if I needed a deep clean, this is the service that I need if I didn't have time to do it myself.

I chanced upon GoodWork.PH from the post of a friend. I became curious and so I booked a cleaning service for M's home. M's home is pretty clean (or so I thought) but since he had 9 cats roaming freely, things kind of went to pieces and now that they are locked once again safely in their designated room, I felt that this was the best time to book a cleaning service to cleanse the house of cat hair and fur.

At Php699, I felt that this was actually pretty cheap for a deep clean. I later learned that this was food for 2 hours but since M's home is not so big, I felt that there was more than enough time. If you do extend an hour, it will cost Php75 per hour.

For me, that's still not a bad thing especially if it's our garage that will be cleaned.

Last weekend, GoodWork.PH came over and started cleaning. 

I loved that they have a vacuum cleaner for the screen windows. It is one of the things that easily absorb dust so to have it cleaned at least once every quarter is a must!

I also loved that the cleaner had no qualms going under the bed and making sure that everything is cleaned.

M's living room was a favorite of the cats. This vacuum cleaning is a MUST.

They also thoroughly cleaned the bathroom so that's awesome.

I liked that they wiped the shelves and wiped with a dry cloth. This ensures that fewer dust will get to to it.

As you can see, the cats really did a lot of damage and the dirt is mindblowing.

This one was a real shocker because to the bare eyes, it seemed that the floor was clean but upon further checking, NOPE. It definitely wasn't.

This is from the other room where the pregnant cat gave birth and stayed for a month. Yes, that's the effect of the cat litter. The gum, M says he dropped it and lost sight of it. Sigh.

Now we also asked a few questions from the owner of GoodWork.PH because we are nosy that way.

1. Is there an option to just have a garage cleaned or for example people just want the sofa vacuumed and deep cleaned coz of house cats?
Yes there is an option for both of that. Actually the reason why we made an option for Condominium & Residential is because we considered that a residential place may have a lot of different factors from compared to a condo. However, pricing won't change because there's also the time x value factor that we are considering for the service.

2. What happens if the workers are the ones who are slow in cleaning? Can the customer provide feedback? I saw that there is an additional Php75 if it exceeds two hours.

So far we haven't received any kind of complaint regarding the cleaners cleaning really slow that's why I can't answer your question yet. In terms of feedback definitely, there is always an option to provide feedback.

3. Is there a way for people to book services for half a day? For example, people are decluttering and need people to lift trash bags and the like for half a day. How about whole day service, say 8 hours.
For now, none.

4. Will you have grooming services in the future for pets?

We used to have a pet service category when we launched but we realized its much better if we narrow down our categories in the beginning to provide quality services for our users. But eventually, along the way its possible that we might bring it back.

5. What made you go into this kind of work? What's the back story?
We realized that there is a huge opportunity in the service industry here in the Philippines. Especially right now since e-commerce is actually booming you now have Lazada for services, Grab for transportation, Honestbee for groceries, and same thing what we want people to think is if they need services GoodWork is there for them.

VERDICT: I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone who does not have the time to clean their own place or to anyone who hates cleaning but does want to live in a clean place. You can also book them for a manipedi, massage, plumbing, carpentry, and even laundry. ACK!

I do believe that people still need to know how to clean their own homes but sometimes, you just need someone to help you out and if it's this affordable? Why not?

PS. Please give your cleaner a tip. They deserve it.


  1. I agree that this is a trend in SoKor, I even watched "Your Househelper" Kdrama series. Good to know na dumarami na rin sa Pinas, I hope available din sa province para matry ko.

  2. I love this. Gonna have to try this. Dami need linisin sa bahay namin. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. 699 for two hours, mura na rin. hindi naman siguro lalampas ng 4 hours since they're using machines and all, so the additional 150 seems reasonable naman. yun nga lang, hindi practical if everyday unless kaya mo talaga bayaran. I'm planning to avail of a cleaning service once we move to the South.


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