Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I am Grateful ...

Today did not start out great. I was scheduled for a final interview which I prayed for last night and 25 minutes before the interview was about to happen, I was told that it was no longer pushing through because the client backed out.

I wanted to say, "well F U to that!" but I chose to say, "oh okay, thanks."

I figured, there really was no point in lashing out.

Yes, I may not have had enough sleep.
Yes, I may have woken up at 7am.
Yes, I have not had a cup of coffee.

Still ....

I remember my prayer last night. It was actually very specific.

This morning, HE answered. It seems that I am meant to pursue my own blog and channel, scary as that sounds.

For a moment, I felt bad. It seems that what HE wanted was not what I wanted simply because I'm scared out of my head about venturing into really pursuing my blog and my channel.

My blog has been something personal for me for the last 13 years. Yes, I cover events and I do reviews but it was still personal. I never really pushed it that hard or monetize it and the thought of doing this is just terrifying.

I went through my day mulling things over and snapping at people. It was not a good feeling. Afternoon came and I saw my sister graduate from senior high school.

I was teary eyed.

I realized ...

I don't have something that I need but I have so many things that I never asked for.

I have an awesome family that loves me, supports me, and cheers me on.
I have a boyfriend who is faithful and is there for me no matter what.
I have friends who are real.
I have people around me who just want what's good for me.

We are all healthy.
We are all safe.
We have more than what is basic.
We are loved.

I also chanced upon a YouTube channel that just made me feel more calm and grounded. Tonight was the first time that I saw this channel but I subscribed not only to her YT channel but also her Pinterest, Instagram, and blog.

She's that awesome.

I've also been able to edit and upload a video in just 1.5 hours so I'm pretty hyped. I hope you guys can watch.

Today may not have started out great but I chose to end the day on a great note.


  1. This is such a great reminder. I need to feel more grateful for the little and big things in my life, definitely!

  2. The fact that you didn't get the job just means that there is something better awaiting you! He has a master plan...hang in there! :)

  3. Even during the tough days, there is always so much to be grateful for!

  4. Things happen for a reason. If it's meant to be, it will happen. If not, God has better plans. Always. :)

  5. What an amazing reminder. People should always be thankful for what they have, no matter how big or small.

  6. And I am blessed to read such a beautiful and uplifting post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gratitude is the best attitude. I am trying to incorporate it more into my life.

  8. Sometimes, our day does not end with the way we planned it to be but you successfully saved yours. I guess it's just a matter of a positive mindset.

  9. This is so inspirational and positive! Always good to keep these things in mind when days get rough. Thanks for sharing your kind words!

  10. I really love reading articles about gratitude. Love and life is so beautiful. We should enjoy it while we're alive. Just sayin.

  11. being grateful for things surrounding you and actions and moments. your post is helping me too. Thank you for that!

  12. I always give thanks to God during my high times, and even more so during my low times. What a lovely reminder.

  13. Being grateful and counting your blessing is what makes life worthwhile because you will always have bad days and challenges to face ahead of you.

  14. I can never be more grateful for the life that I have. I’ve faced so many things through the years but there’s also so much to be thankful for, like my family and our home. This is such a good reminder for all of us to be grateful for everyday.

  15. So important to be grateful for what you have rather than worried about what you don’t have. I try to remind my kids of this all the time.

  16. This is a nice (and very necessary) reminder to be thankful everyday. We often forget to appreciate even the little things in life. Thanks for this!

  17. I like your list. Those are truly all things to be grateful for, I agree.

  18. A key to contentment is gratefulness. Whenever I feel like complaining, I try to think of something to be thankful for.

  19. I am happy for the reminder to be grateful. An attitude of gratitude is such a good thing. Love your list. Keep shinning.

  20. What a great reminder to be grateful for the small things in life. I loved reading this :)

  21. I really believe that things happen for a reason. It's great that you are staying positive despite the let down of your canceled meeting. Good luck!

  22. Gratitude makes everything and everyone's life much better. i am on a gratitude challenge this month and i already feel great.


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