Monday, June 24, 2019

Design your Own Shoes with FSJ Shoes

Have you ever felt frustrated after spending hours in the mall looking for the perfect shoes? It could be that nothing felt right or if it did, it didn't fit well. The worse would be when it doesn't come in your size or the color that you need it to be.

I feel your frustration because this has happened to me too many times. Way too many times in fact since I was in grade school.

I would find the perfect shoes but my feet is on the plus size so there would be no size that would fit. If I do find shoes in my size, it's normally plain or boring. It's like you just can't win.

When I chanced upon FSJ shoes and their offer to let me design my own shoes, I was over the moon. Finally, a pair of shoes that I can order, be guaranteed to fit in, and come in a style that I would like.

Now I've always preferred comfort over fashion but with FSJ's design my own shoes aspect, I can actually come up with gladiator sandals that I can wear on a daily basis and not worry about tripping or it hurting my feet.

You see, I'm one of those persons who always ends up tripping over the smallest dents on the road. If I get to design my own shoes, I can make sure that the soles are non-slippery, the straps won't cut on my skin, and the inch will be really minimal. I can also guarantee that the style will match any outfit that I have because I believe in maximizing everything that I have inside my closet. 

I can also wear wedges because they are flat but really stylish. It also matches pants, skirts, shorts, long dresses, and pin up dresses as well. It's versatile which is something that matters to me when it comes to my shoes.

If you want to design your own shoes and have it delivered right to your doorstep, FSJ shoes is the one for you.

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