Saturday, June 8, 2019

Review of PITX

Since I have been back to blogging and covering events, I have been commuting almost daily. As a gal living in the South, I pass by PITX all the time.

The first encounter I had with PITX, I HATED IT.

I didn't understand why we had to pass by, why some buses did not pass by, why we had to go around and around for a signature, and why it even existed in the first place.

The second time, I STILL HATED IT. Why were the buses dropping Coastal and Baclaran passengers at Heritage Hotel? It was so INCONVENIENT.

Luckily, third time was the charm. Everything fell in place starting with the conductor of the bus I was on. He told me to go down on PITX and go inside. Apparently, there's a terminal inside that goes to EDSA and passes by Robinsons Galleria, Crossing, and Megamall; three places I am always at.

One of the things that I feel needs improvement is the drop off area for passengers. As you can see, there are no covered walkways so when it rains, good luck to anyone who has to cross and forgot to bring an umbrella.

My main concern are the PWD, senior citizens, and those with babies. I wish they could provide a big green tent to cover the walkway from drop off to the entrance of Gate 5.

I do like the fact that once you are past the metal scanner, the customer service area is the first thing that you will see. Kudos to the person who designed the inside of PITX.

They also have several ticketing areas for provincial buses. If you are riding a city bus, there is no need to get tickets.

They also have a few food stalls already in place. In my opinion, it's more than enough.

There are attendants ready to assist.

Bins are located at every corner.

They also have one of my favorite drinks so I'm a happy kid.

Other PROS that I saw:
1. USB ports are available near the benches.
2. Trolleys upon entering so if you have heavy bags or packages, you can use these trolleys. Just make sure to put them back where they should be left and not just randomly leave them everywhere.
3. Gender neutral bathrooms.
4. Free WiFi that is also FAST!
5. Monitors showing off bus schedules and how many minutes till it depart.
6. Grab drop off and pick up.
7. Air-conditioned and the bus lanes are also covered.

If you would like a quick tour, watch the video below.


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