Press Releases: to post or not to post?

One of the things that have long hounded bloggers is whether or not to accept press release posting on their site, especially those that promise nothing in return.

You'd probably think, "why should I accept that?" You could also ask, "should I accept that?"

Since I have been blogging for almost 14 years now and I've had the chance to speak with industry leaders in marketing, PR, brands, and other bloggers, I feel that I can give a few advise on whether or not you should accept press releases.

You should accept press release posting on your site even when you get nothing in return for the following reasons:

1. You are still very new; less than a year old. The reason I encourage you to accept them is for you to LEARN from the style of writing, the tone, and how it was worded. Getting yourself exposed to different modes of write up will allow you to find your own style, voice, and niche.

2. You love the brand. This is one way of building a relationship with the brand. I know this to be true because I've done this when my site was new and up to the time it was about 8 years. If I knew the brand, I'd gladly post their story on my site.

3. You like the story. Your blog (unless it's a personal blog) was created to spread information. If the story is good and something that would benefit your readers, why wouldn't you share it? If the story is good but you don't want to share it just because you did not get a loot, swag, or token, then you are in this for the wrong reasons.

4. To help out. Sometimes, brands may not have enough budget or PRs have limited ones and they just need your help. It wouldn't kill you to post the story on your site would it?

So there you go. 4 reasons why you should say yes. Of course, these are just my opinion and I based it on feedback given by brands, advise given by PR directors, and personal encounters.

PS. If you wish to decline though, here are a couple of no-no's when doing so.

1. Do not send an email belittling them or insulting the person. This is a small world. People talk.
2. Do not post on social media about your outrage. It will not solve anything. Small world, people talk.

Instead, what you can do is:

1. Send an email informing them that you wish to no longer receive press releases and state your reasons why. Do it in a calm, professional manner.
2. If you know the person, you can also just send a private message if you feel the email would be too formal but always speak to someone in a respectful manner.

Hope that helped you out. 

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