Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sun Life launches new Partnerships

One of the best things about brands nowadays is the collaborations being done. When two or more brands who have the same values get together, it's always a win for the consumer. This is what happened when last week, Sun Life announced it's partnerships with not one, but two well known brands who also share the same passion that they have.

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Sun Life and Waze

I have been a user of Waze since 2012, even way before it became popular. I loved that it was so accurate and really helpful. When Sun Life announced it's partnership with Waze, I was really excited because I also have an insurance plan with Sun Life.

Road safety is such a big deal for me because I have a son. I also had a cousin who was hit by a motorbike while waiting for a bus. I've been in car accidents too.

Dubbed "Brighter Drive, Brighter Life," the initiative will alert Waze users on accident prone areas. This is vital because it serves as an extra reminder to be more diligent. There will also be a reminder for Waze users who are also registered Lazada members to insure themselves with a digital life insurance plan from Sun Life such as Life Armor. This can actually be bought for as low as Php100.

Sun Life and Fitness First 

The other partnership is all about fitness. Sun Life and Fitness First will include additional club benefits and preferential rates for Sun Life client, advisors, and employees via GoWell, Sun Life's health and wellness community.

They can get free health assessment where Boditrax will be used. This is a state of the art technology that gives a precise body composition analysis. Sun Life clients will also enjoy a complimentary one day workout pass and discounted membership.

When brands like these partner, everyone wins. When you have a Sun Life program backing you up, the world becomes your playground. Have you gotten one yet?

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