Wednesday, June 26, 2019

5 Things to Consider Before Relocating

Relocating, to move to a new place. Many people faced relocating from one place to another for a reason, maybe because of personal, career advancement, weather, community or future endeavors. Personal in terms of deciding to relocate close or far from your loved ones. Career advancement lets it be more exciting for that new opportunity to hold. Weather comes from the area which defines safety and protection from natural calamities such as earthquake and flood. The community you want to belong with and your future endeavors of settlement, business, or for a living. Whichever your reason is, here are the 5 things to consider before relocating:

Consider your status. If your single, it’s much easier to decide on relocating unlike when you’re married and have kids. Then, you will also consider your partner’s job or your kids’ school. Either of these two, it’s hard. Your status will make it more complicated on this kind of setting.  You should know which one to prioritize and what decision you’ll make or will you even push through in relocating with all these things in your mind. But the best way to know your family’s advice is to sit and discuss your plan.

Consider your job. Your job may be the main reason for your relocating, for career advancement or new opportunity. As an employee, most of your time is spent at the office and it’s really convenient for you if you live closer to the workplace. Aside from your salary and compensation you have or being offered to you, you should also mind the tenure of service you’ll give to the company because the market value or rental fees increase from time to time. Your job or job application affects your view of relocating.

Consider the location. Where you are affecting your relocating. It defines how you can able to transition yourself from home to work, home to your family, friends, and others. The place should be close to your needs, especially to establishments you actually need such as bank, grocery store, market, church, school, and the like. The more you live close to these, your life will become much easier and relocating is going to be on your edge. Location mainly creates improvement to your living once you choose the right place for you relocating.

Consider your financial capability. The money will always be a concern when relocating because it could mean additional cost and maybe higher cost from some point in time. For example, if before you only have 2-bedroom then your relocate to a 3-bedroom house then definitely rental fees are higher. Or perhaps, you live in suburban then you relocate to the urban city. These scenarios will let you ask yourself, will I able to afford and incur more expenses this time? Will I face cushion after relocating? It best to assess your salary versus the cost of living prior to relocating. Through this, you’ll able to anticipate and prepare your budget for each spending you’ll have.

Consider yourself. Will you still be okay to move to another new place? Again? For the nth time? Are there people who’ll be affected by your decision of relocating? And most importantly, are you 100% sure of relocating? Over the years, changes are inevitable from family to friends, to work to social life. These things affect yourself for the decisions you make. You must ensure yourself that relocating is the right decision to make, and it has a positive result for your living and for everyone who’s with you. Relocating is much more difficult if it's in other countries, it could be a dream come true or it might fill you up with anxiety in the long run.

Nevertheless, the decision of relocating is vested upon yourself to go or not.

Thus, these things to consider before relocating is the guide to further know and assess your status, job, location, financial capability, and yourself. Relocating is a big matter and hard to have your decision right away wherein you’ll need time and effort to evaluate all the factors involved.


  1. Location and finances are my first priorities when relocating. they are the only things I overplan on. Thanks for sharing this, i will use this later in the year

  2. Going to Bali soon... definitely things to ponder about

  3. I relocated many years ago, and it was quite the change in lifestyle... even though I was only an hour away from where I lived before, the change of cities, culture, restaurants, etc. was quite dramatic.

    In the end, I'm glad I made the move... but it was not something I would recommend undertaking without some serious thought.

  4. I have relocated few times in my life and its never easy. It's always hard to start over in anew place even if you have everything planed x


  5. Thanks for sharing these helpful relocation tips. It will be useful to many.

  6. We're actually considering relocating next month to a bigger house! We're a little overwhelmed but this should definitely help. Thanks a lot.

  7. We relocated several times when our children were small. It was nice but we finally put down roots and stay in one place for a while when they got older.

  8. Totally agree with this since I've moved to our new home earlier. Those are some important factors you need to consider.

  9. There are so many things to consider when going on vacation. The problem is that we rarely think of it when we are getting ready. We pack, but that is not the extent of it,

  10. I live in Japan and it can be expensive to move to another city. I love where I am and I hope to stay here for a long time.

  11. There are so many things to consider. Just last year, my gf and I moved 3x. Thankfully, we now found our forever home.


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