Friday, June 28, 2019

Back to School Tips for Moms

As summer ends, back-to-school period arrives. Here are tips for moms:

1. Start planning ahead. Have your planner to mark down the dates for kid’s activities, exam dates, occasions to attend to, travel, and others. Through this, you can see the time available for each member of the family and it will not complicate events sooner. Just like when its the week before the exam week of your kids, make sure to have time to help them review and study. In that way, you can monitor their performance at school.

Then, you can plan your leaves at work to attend school activities because it is very important for your kid to see you during these events, especially to school presentation and family sports fest.

Also, you can anticipate when to book for travel leisure locally or internationally. Often, it also encourages every member of the family to look forward on this day and have the necessary preparations beforehand of the trip. Once in a while, it’s always nice to have good times and with your family.

2. Have your mom time. On weekends, you can cook for a Saturday lunch where all the family members are off to school and work. Maximize that time to talk, share, and discuss what happened on their week, how they are, what things are they looking forward the next week, and the like so you will not lose that family bond despite your busy weekdays. Also, you can set weekly indoor or outdoor activities, baking or cooking sessions, movie marathon, and other things that they can all enjoy and have interest with.

3. Plan your meal weekly: make sure they eat right. In studies, breakfast is the most essential time to eat the right amount of food since it will be the foundation of your energy for the whole day. You must really have time to check because they cannot perform at school when their tummy aches.

To plan meals for the week requires time and effort. You should be a creative different variety of food that will not lose the kid’s appetite. For example, having a set of meals from Mondays through Fridays for one month. You kids will definitely won’t like to have the same as they have it the just the other week. There are a lot of YouTube videos where you can learn and try new dishes to cook from time to time. Meals for breakfast and lunch should suffice on the nutrients the kids need.

4. Have household chores and rules set. Make your kids part of setting chores and rules in your home. A family discussion on this would help them mind responsibility at the early stage. Household chores will train them to do these tasks on the easiest possible way perhaps or to build cooperation and teamwork between the rest of your family.

In setting house rules, you can know your kids' suggestions and ideas to make it more effective and friendly to each and every member of the family, because some traditional rules are not applicable as always like the last born is always the baby of the family. These days, it is much better to have equal assigned tasks to everyone. It could be a give and take way, let’s say each one will be assigned on breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Create a family group chat. To maximize the use of technology, you can create a family group chat wherein you can post and message updates to stay intact from time to time. You can also check each family member on his/her day at school, or if there are urgent assignment or project to make that night, school supplies to bring the next day, and other important things to know about.

Indeed, being a mom has no day-off or rest day. To have a well-balanced life is a challenge but possible if you manage your time and be creative of things to do and things to let go. At the end of the day, your family is always your priority.


  1. Thanks for sharing this tips momsh.. Very helpful. Start na ng school at need talaga may time ka sa pamilya at bahay.. Tamang pagpaplano talaga at budget sa oras..

  2. I'm taking note of these tips for the next school year, though that's a long time from now since my daughter started school in August. I think it's really good to plan ahead for big transitions. For us, this year, we made sure to explain to my daughter that I won't be with her during recess (that's the set-up for a few months in nursery). We also told her that she'd have a new set of classmates. It's important that we prepare our kids not only for the school stuff but mentally and psychologically as well.

    1. Mentally and psychologically, super important. Also explain always why things happen, especially the bad ones.


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