Thursday, July 19, 2018

Starbucks' Summer and Travel Vibes

Yes, typhoon season is already here and we have felt the madness that is #HenryPH but that is not gonna stop Starbucks from making you feel all kinds of summer when you have a sip of their new vibrant frappucino flavors. f

Starting July 24, Starbucks will serve up two fruit-forward Frappucino blended beverages - the Acai Mixed Berry Yoghurt and the Apricot and Peach Yoghurt Frappucino. For yoghurt lovers, this is definitely going to be a must try.

Now great news to the card collectors of Starbucks, a new card is also going to be released. This time, it will only have Php300 for its initial activation and the design will make you want to head out, travel and relish the ending of summer.

If that isn't enough, perhaps these new set of tumblers will give you that final kick to do a last hurrah for summer. These photos are from my fellow collector in Singapore who does a lot of vlogging via Facebook LIVE so feel free to follow Glenford.

These ones will be available on the 24th of July as well. Just looking at the photos makes me envision sand, beach, a book, and Spotify playing in the background. GAH!

The collection features a bright palette with fun, adventure-inspired prints that are sure to add color to any journey.

Rainy days may be here but with these tumblers, cards, and drinks, it almost feels like the sun is here to stay. Head over to your nearest or favorite Starbucks to grab these beauties when they come out.

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