Saturday, July 21, 2018

marry the mundane

This popped into my head as I was getting ready to sleep. Yes, at 3am in the morning I was just getting ready to sleep eventhough I only had two hours of sleep yesterday. When I'm going through something and become depressed, I'm not like the other depressed people who just sleep. I wish I was. It would be easier.

Going back, I've realized why a lot of the guys who showed interest in me eventually wander off. You see, when I initially meet them, I guess I come off as someone lively and interesting. Since we have been programmed to be attracted to interesting things, they become drawn to me.

Sadly, as time goes by, they realized that I really am not interesting. In fact, I am quite boring. I love staying at home. I love watching TV shows and I love doing crafts. I also have a lot of cats.  actually fit the bill of someone who is meant to become a spinster. I'm that boring.

People on the other hand want excitement ... they want to hear new stories and be surrounded by someone who's always smiling, laughing, and alive. I'm only that in the beginning. Once you know me, the chances that I'll tell you a story I've told you before will be high. After all, a person can only have so many stories.

This is why I've realized that people need to learn to pick someone who isn't exciting but excites them. Pick someone who does ordinary things but in your eyes, it becomes extraordinary. Pick someone who doesn't wear make up and has her hair tied in a loose bun but still makes you marvel at her beauty.

Pick the mundane. Pick the person you can imagine spending quiet mornings with where you might not talk but you still look forward to having coffee with her every single morning. Pick someone who may come home tired and just give you a peck on the cheek but forget to ask you how your day was so instead you would ask because you want to know why she's tired. Pick someone you can imagine asking that question to at least 25,000 times.

Pick the mundane. Pick the person who just wants to have a quiet dinne and catch up with you rather than party all night. Pick the person who cooks and fails but attempts over and over until she gets it right because she wants to make you happy. Pick the person who is not perfect, the one who goes ballistic and cusses and says hurtful words but never leaves because despite and inspite of everything, she wants to make things work.

Pick the mundane. Pick the girl who isn't special but with you, she becomes the star of this world. Pick the girl who doesn't inspire prose and poetry but would write you one.

She's no one special. She may even be damaged goods. She's scarred, broken, and hurting. She is not easy to love. She's ordinary and mundane. However, once she becomes yours, she's yours for keeps.

Pick that girl. Marry that girl. Trust me, she's worth it. Trust me, I'm worth it.

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