Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Family Care bath essentials

They said that when we take a bath, it's not just taking a bath. It's actually stepping inside a sanctuary where we can literally strip ourselves of everything and just be who we are.

This is why when we choose our bathing essentials it matters not only that it cleanses our body of actual dirt but that it also soothes our mind when we do so. Scents matter and how the shampoo or body wash glides on our body is also another factor. 

I finally tried Family Care shampoo and lotion. M tried out the nourishing shampoo since we felt he needed it to take care of his thinning hair while I went for the cooling shampoo because I really love the cool feeling it leaves on my head. I feel more invigorated and refreshed after taking a bath when I use this. 

As for the hand and body lotion, I love the effect of it on my dry skin. As we age, our skin becomes drier and a healing lotion is exactly what we need to help revive our skin's youthful glow. Family Care does exactly that. 

What else can I ask for in a bath essential? 

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