Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Love don't cost a thing ...

Nowadays, the price of dating has become too high. You need to think of where to go for coffee, where to watch a movie, what to have for lunch or dinner, and even gas, parking, and so much more. It has to be pretty heavy on a budget and if you are looking for love or just want to have fun, the cost of dating over and over again can be quite costly. Sometimes, it may not even be worth it anymore.

With so many dating sites now, the chances of meetups are more possible than ever before. This may be a good thing but if you are on your 30th date and still haven't found the one, then this may not be the case.

To help out, I've come up with a list of dates that are quite cheap but will definitely make your date feel good about you and about the date itself. You may still not find the one but you will definitely create a lot of great memories. So go ahead and log on to those free dating sites to book a date with someone.

If you love photography ...

You can take your date out for a mobile photowalk. This will let you see the sights and sounds of the city while you two get to know each other in the middle of posing for #OOTDs, capturing your date's photo against a great background, and doing cute selfies to post on social media. You can even have a challenge where the loser of the contest has to take the winner out for date # 2. This is a good idea only if you like your date and want a second one. Afterwards, you can just grab a quick bite that won't be too costly. You get to have great photos, see the city from another point of view, and save some money.

If you are into nature ...

You can go on a picnic after a walk in the park. You can soak in nature, listen to the birds singing, sit on the grass, and get to know each other. You can also bring a small tripod and set up your phone so that you guys can watch something while seated in the park. Sounds romantic right? Once you guys get hungry, bring out the snacks you made at home and your water tumblers that can be filled with juice, water, soda, or even wine. It's really up to you but the wonderful thing there is that you can get whatever is in your pantry so it doesn't cost you extra.

If you are into sports or physical activities ...

There are a lot of free exercise programs around the city. Find one and book a slot for you and your date so you can test to see their physical prowess and you get to show off your buff body or your attempt at getting one. In the middle of all the huffing and puffing, you can even turn it into a contest to see how many burpees you both can make. Loser gets to carry both gym bags on the way home.

Whatever you may be into, there is always a cheap alternative to going out. Be creative. Be original. Be anything but always remember to be YOU.

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