Sunday, July 15, 2018

100 Degree Buffet

We celebrated B's 13th birthday yesterday at 100 Degree Buffet. We saw this on Poptalk a few weeks ago and my family and I agreed that it would be a good place to have lunch. After some initial mishap, we were finally seated inside.

First thing that impressed me was the variety of seafood they have for the hotpot section.

Yes, for only Php888, you get to eat as many crabs and shrimps as you want. They also have bamboo shells, snails, and salmon belly. They also offer hotpot balls which was super good. Our personal fave is the cheese ball, fish tofu, and lobster ball.

My entire family was really happy eating at this place which for me is always a really good sign. Everyone enjoyed including M and my best friend A.

They also sang a song for B with the cake my sister bought.

We truly enjoyed 100 Degrees Buffet. I think we may have found a new go-to buffet place.

It was also our 7th month.

I'll have to say that I would definitely recommend 100 Degrees Buffet. It's worth your money and the food is really good. I don't know about the buffet part but the hotpot, definitely a yes!

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