Thursday, July 5, 2018

5 Things Kids need before heading back to School

It's school season once again and though there are schools that have already started, a lot of schools are just about to open their school year. B is going to school this Monday and one of the things that I realized now that I am more hands on since I work from home is how toxic it is to prepare for the school year. Due to this, I decided to come up with a list of things in general that parents need to have prepared for their kids before the school year officially starts.

1. Information

When I say information, I mean the following:

- when does school start
- what time does school start
- what time does it end
- information of the school bus
- name and number of the class adviser
- are there lockers?
- what color of rubber shoes for their PE class is allowed?
- color of socks (trust me, there are schools that mandate that even the sole be white)
- is there air conditioning in the classroom?
- do they have enough toiletries at school or should you ensure that your child has his own set "just in case there are accidents"

2. Basics

When we say basics, we mean:

- school uniform
- badges
- new underwear
- socks
- sando if needed
- face towels
- handkerchief
- lunch box
- water jug
- new bag if the old one has died
- pens, pencils, and everything requested by the school as "miscellaneous" though I still wonder what they do with 14 long folders every year because I only see half being used. Thankfully, National Book Store had a fair that happened recently and I was able to get everything that B needed for school .

3. Food and Drinks

One of the things a lot of parents miss out on is the importance of sustenance when kids go to school. I came from a Chinese school where we had recess, lunch, and then recess again in the afternoon. Apparently, Filipino schools have recess and lunch. THAT'S IT. I was, in millenial speak, SHOOKT.

Kids need more sustenance when they are in school because they use their brain more. I strongly believe that my son needs to have afternoon merienda or at least a really heavy breakfast, more than adequate recess, and heavy lunch if there will be no recess in the afternoon.

What I do to save on money is to buy a month's worth of merienda. I stock up on juices that I can put in the ref the night before and on sandwiches that he can bring to school. I plan to prepare this every night.

Thank God there are pocket sandwiches now from Gardenia. When I used to work in the corporate world, this was one of my favorite breakfast items. My son on the other hand favors Jelly Vit because it's available in Strawberry Flavor which he really loves. He can drink 4 of these in one sitting. The juices are what I give him when he comes home from work and if he doesn't have time in the morning for breakfast, the fitbar actually helps stave off hunger till recess.

Poor wallet of mine since I have to buy dozens but getting it from the supermarket saves me since they sell it cheaper there.

4. Wisdom

This is the most important. It is up to us parents to impart the importance of going to school, learning new things, staying in school, and focusing on what school can provide for them. With how impudent kids these days can be, we need to work double time to constantly remind them and show them the value of finishing school.

Some of them may no longer feel excited about school. Some of them may even dread it. It is now up to you how you can make things easier. Kids NEED GUIDANCE. There's a reason why we are parents. We are there to guide them. As tiring as it is, and yes I know how tiring, frustrating, maddening, and overall cray cray being a parent can be, we cannot give up on our child. Sometimes, we need to inject TOUGH LOVE. It may hurt us as well but if it's necessary, do it.

Lastly, and the most important of all, our kids need UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Unconditional love does not mean letting them do what they want and being okay with it. It means that they may fail and you will still love them and guide them to getting back up again on their feet so they can try once more. Unconditional love is the endless nagging we do to remind them of values, manners, and the right way of doing things. Unconditional love is not going bat crazy when they remember something that needs to be bought from the store 30minutes before it closes. Unconditional love is telling them and keeping your word that no matter how hard the school years may be, you will always be there for them doing what you can to help them out and cheer them on.

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