Monday, July 2, 2018

on losing and winning at life ...

There was a time when I thought that being invited to almost all events meant that you were in a good place. I thought that if brands and PRs kept inviting you, it meant that not only was your site a good partner for them but that it also meant they liked you and were your friends.

Boy was I wrong.

When the magazine I worked for ceased to exist, so did a lot of PRs and brands. These were people that would call me "frieeenddddd" "bessshhhh" "giiiiirrrrllll" and then proceed to "check" on me and act like we were super close. When the magazine stopped, they stopped talking to me as well.

I thought that this was it, I lost everything.

The past month and a half has forced me to reassess my life, my work, my passion, and everything in between. Suddenly, I wasn't busy. Suddenly, I had free time. Suddenly, I did not feel the need to post every single press release that has been sent my way.

I didn't need to please anyone but myself.

It was mindblowing.

I could write what I really wanted to write about. I didn't have to write if I didn't want to. I could say no to an event because I wasn't interested in the product or I didn't support the brand. I could say no because I no longer felt obliged to attend an event just because the PR was a "friend" or the brand was something that I should have featured.

When I thought I was losing, I was actually winning at life.

I spent more time at home. I was more well rested. I could watch TV shows with my son. We had movie nights at home. I've started a small business. I was earning through online work. I had quality time with M. Heck, I got in a few exercise coz I was able to walk around our pet dogs.

I have been able to truly declutter. I just emptied two cabinets of bags that have not been used for over 5 years. I have thrown away gadgets that no longer worked. I have cleaned out over 10 boxes worth of trash in my room. I actually know what I have and what I can use. The rest were either thrown out or donated.

A great example would be my lipstick collection. I used to have over 300 and I would feel the incessant need to add more and more. Now, after I gave away more than half and kept the ones I liked, it's a lot easier for me to use them coz eveything that I have are the ones that I actually use and liked. I didn't have something just for the sake of having it.

I was even able to get rid of 50% of my make up stash and that felt so liberating.

I also got rid of bags that I have not used for over 5 years and I am giving it away to people who would actually be using it. I don't know about you but that felt like a win-win for me. I feel so accomplished coz I was able to finally do the things I have been holding off on for a very long time.

When I thought I was losing, I was actually winning. Now I know who are the real people around me. I also had time for my family, M, my son, as well as myself. Best of all, I was able to let go of things and people that I did not need to make space for the people and things that I want to have in my life.

What's your latest win?

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