Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bayfront Hotel, your Business Hotel in Cebu

When you are travelling for only a short while, sometimes, it can be quite a hassle to book at luxury hotels. Since you won't be staying that long inside the hotel because it's not a staycation, you just want something comfortable, accessible, and within your budget. Bayfront Hotel in Cebu is the answer to your prayers.

If you are headed to Cebu anytime soon, I'd definitely recommend staying at Bayfront Hotel Cebu. It's located right in the middle of the city and once you step out, travelling by commute is not an issue.

Bayfront Hotel is a mid-range business hotel in Cebu. Unlike other mid-range business hotels though, Bayfront did not scrimp on their rooms and amenities. This is one mid-range hotel that gives off a four star hotel vibe.

Once you enter, to your left you'd see a coffee shop and dining area bustling with people. If you happen to be there near closing time, the noise can be quite crazy because there are a number of things happening all at once.

When you get to your room, you'd actually be impressed because for a mid-range business hotel, the room is more than good enough. It's very comfortable, the temparature adjustable, and the place, quite cozy.

It's also complete with all the necessary amenities.

To be honest, it's almost at par with some of the five star hotels I've stayed at in Manila. It just doesn't have a swimming pool but it has a spa as well as 4 ballrooms. This place  definitely delivers beyond what is expected of them.

If you are in Cebu for a quick break or a business trip, you should definitely consider checking in at Bayfront Hotel. It has all the necessary things on a traveller's checklist:

1. comfortable bed
2. clean surroundings
3. security
4. accessibility to the city
5. accessibility to transportation
6. breakfast buffet
7. reasonable and fair rates

What else can you ask for?

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