Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nigel Barker's Model of Influence Book Signing

Yesterday, one of my photographer dreams came true. I was lucky enough to have been invited to attend the press conference and book signing of the one and only Nigel Barker. I used to watch him on America's Next Top Model and I have always admired his calm, confident demeanor in handling difficult models. He was never rude and he was always a gentleman; direct but always with respect.

photo not mine 

I asked him a question yesterday and I was blown away with his answer. My question was what does he do when he runs out of inspiration or pegs for his photoshoot? I wondered about it because he's done so many photoshoots that he's bound to run out of ideas.

Nigel told me that he has never run out of ideas or inspiration. I was like "what?!?!?!" He then gave me the best advice I have ever heard in my life and it was to "FIND INSPIRATION IN EVERYTHING."

Find inspiration in everything. 

He then told me how he sees everything as an opportunity to do somehing wonderful. If he had a swimsuit photo and then it rained, he'd turn it into something wet and wild. I was so in awe of him. I felt so inspired with his passion that I know now that before the year ends, I am getting a DSLR and pursuing my dream of becoming a photographer.

Thank you for being such an inspiration Mr. Nigel Barker. I am still in awe up to now.

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