Thursday, June 25, 2015

Le Cat Coffe Shop

I have been so envious of the cat cafe in Quezon City. I wanted to visit it but it was just so far away. I thought to myself, I needed to do other things in QC to make it worth the travel time. Its been months and this visit to the cat cafe hasn't happened.

So yes, I was very very happy when I learned from my sister that there was a Le Cat Coffee Shop inside our village. Imagine, there is a cat cafe inside OUR VILLAGE. From Quezon City which was very far to one just right inside our village ... GAH! You cannot believe how happy I was to find out about this.

For more info, go here

It took only 2 days but I was able to force someone to go with me and this person wasn't even a cat lover. Soon as I stepped in, I was in cat heaven. I honestly didn't even really listen to the guy who was telling me the rules and all that because I was already taking off my slippers to get inside the cat lounge.

They currently have 8 cats and 6 of them are very friendly. The other two, much like with cats, youneed to earn their affection. SO ADORABLE. I love how "catty" the place was. They even have cat pillows, cat decal, cat stuff toys, and cat paws as pillows. I wanted to take everything home.

The brown one is called Caramel and she is very sweet. She was the first one I held. The tiger looking one was very playful but since there were 3 of them, I couldn't remember its name.

This is Summer, the most uppity of the bunch. Thankfully, she let me touch her for about 40seconds before she decided it was more than enough. Haha. I love how picky cats are.

Now this one, she is the prettiest amongst all and I can't believe that she's not even a purebred. Yes, she's mestisa and like with all other mestisa, she is gorgeous.

This one was the sweetest but it had a cold and kept sneezing. It was so cute. It loved this pillow so much that it just kept scratching it, sniffing it, and laying on it.

And finally, the short legged one. It had a bowtie and it was just so darn cute when it walked.

You can stay in the cat lounge for 2 hours and play with the cats. You need to pay a fee of 199 which you can consume with a drink. I think its okay to pay that much to get coffee and cat companies.

I am definitely going back to play with the cats again and next time, I'll bring my son and sister and Mom. :) Yes, we are a cat family but we also love our dogs.


  1. This looks sooo much fun!! :)
    I'm more of a dog person, but your post made me want to visit this place, too! Yay for furry pets! :)


  2. Oh I'm damn jealous, I want to go to the cat cafe. This look amazing!

  3. hahahah! wow now that is dedication to the fandom of cats right there. I always thought myself a dog person until I got Loki in my life. I fell in love with him from the moment that lil kitten kept crawling up to come sleep in the nook of my arm. so I completely understand the fascination with them

  4. What fun!! A place to visit cats is right up my alley since I don't have any of my own!! I envy you the opportunity to go and give lots of luv to those beautiful animals.

  5. Oh my goodness what an adorable cafe, I know there is one in London and I would love to visit one day :) x

  6. I've never been to a cat cafe before but people really seem to enjoy it! I think getting to drink coffee with friends while in the company of some affectionate cats is very relaxing. It takes of the stress!

  7. Very cute concept! Love the setup!

  8. So many cute things for kitty. Our cat needs a house w/a scratching post.

  9. Cat + coffee = fun! I am not really a cat or coffee person but this looks like it can be a ton of fun and relaxing if they stop playing with your feet.

  10. I would be so happy in there! I would visit over and over again to love on the cats.

  11. How fun! Cats and coffee? I'd pay for that! They need to start one of those in the states!

  12. What an adorable idea. My mother in law would spend hours playing with the cats.

  13. I have read about these cat cafes. Such a cool idea for people who can't have a pet. It looks like fun but not for me I am allergic!

  14. Cute & Fun :) I'd like to bring my Cats here :)

  15. Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun! I love cats and it looks they they are enjoying themselves too!


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