Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In another verse ...

A friend of mine recently sent me an article she saw online that talked about living in multiple universes, ones that were existing parallel to each other. I could exist in this but also exist in another and in that other world, I'd be a different person and have a different life.

The author said that wouldn't it be great if this were true? Wouldn't it be something? If we existed in another world and the ending there is different for us than it is here?

What if this were true?

In another verse, you and I would be together. There would be no reason for us to be apart. We would both be free to be with each other and love like we have never loved before.

In another verse, our prides would be the least important thing and fights wouldn't last for more than a day. We would both realize that being right is not as important ad being together. We would kiss and make up instead of holding a grudge against each other.

In another verse, you would stay. You wouldn't be flying off to the land down under and going off on a whole new adventure. Instead, you would start on an adventure with me. We'd create our own story.

In another verse, I would wake up in the morning wrapped around your arms and fall asleep at night with our bodies all tangled up. I would breathe in the musky scent of your body and fit perfectly in the nook of your arms. You would kiss me good night and I would kiss you back, hard.

In another verse, we would have a kid of our own. He would look like me but have your color and height. You would be there for him but be there for my son as well and you would treat them both equally. You'll teach them how to be fine young men.

In another verse, we would be happy together. We wouldn't be restless and constantly looking for more. We would be content with what we have, knowing that it is more than enough. We would be happy.

But this is not true.

Instead, there has never been a we. Instead, we prioritize our pride more than we do the other. Instead, you are leaving soon and the few days we have left, we are wasting by not talking. Instead of waking up beside you, I wake up alone in my own bed. Instead of being excited at the thought of a child of our own, we can never entertain the idea of having one. Instead of being happy together, we are miserable and apart.

Perhaps in another verse, if this were true, its the opposite. Perhaps in that verse, you love me as I love you.

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