NOVA Jalapeno Spice

One of my go to snack food when I am on a health kick is Nova so I was very happy when I found out that there was a new flavor. Upon learning it was Jalapeno Spice I wasn't too happy anymore because I loathe anything too spicy and jalapeno has always been one of the spiciest thing on Earth. Thankfully, this one isn't like that.

"The fiber-rich multigrain snack now comes with an exciting kick of jalapeño.  Made with the goodness of four wholesome grains – wheat, corn, oats, and rice – Nova Jalapeño is a guilt-free snack that goes well with your active lifestyle." 

It only had a mild kick to it which made munching on it still enjoyable. I can actually finish one entire pack without drinking water. Thank you Nova for coming up with another enjoyable flavor. :)

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