Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let Me ...

Let me love you in the only way I know how, where your happiness matters more than mine. Let me love you in the way that your happiness is the only thing that I want and if in that happiness it means that I won't be a part of your life, then so be it. Loving you is more than enough for me and even if you do not love me back, I am fine. I will still love you.

Let me kiss you. Let me kiss every part of your face and whisper I love you. Let me say it over and over again until you can no longer hear the words that I speak, until you are no longer beside me to feel my love, until you are no longer here for me to love. Let me kiss you. Let me make you feel my love with every kiss that I give you.

Let me touch you. Let me touch your body and your soul. Let me touch your heart with the passion that I feel for you until you drown in it, knowing that as you start to drown, I will ensure that you are able to get back up and breathe again. Let me touch you with my life. Let me share with you the beauty and wonder that I see and surround you with it.

Let me be there for you. Let me do things that will make you happy. Let me leave a smile on your lips when we part. Let me push you to dream and be more than you can ever imagine yourself to be. Let me support you in every crazy idea that you have and allow you to run wild and free, ready to reel you back in when things go mad. Let me let you be who you are meant to be.

Let me love you.  Let me make the most out of the time that we have. Let me create memories that will last us a lifetime because we do not have a lifetime together. Let me make moments that we can treasure when you are no longer there and I am not in this world anymore. Let me catalog our history in my head and in your heart so that when you remember me, it will always be with a smile on your face.

Let me love you. Let me love you because I no longer know how not to.

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