Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Crystal Jade Dimsum Buffet

I rarely go to Greenhills but when I do, you know that its for a good reason. What could be a better reason than an eat all you can dimsum buffet from one of the top Chinese restaurants? So on a Wednesday night, I dropped by Greenhills to indulge in a lot of dimsum.

These are the choices of dimsum that you can avail when you go to Crystal Jade. It may not be as wide a selection as the others but trust me when I say that ordering just one each of this would be too much for your tummy already.

Below are some of my favorites. These are dimsum staples that I almost always order and though some would say its common, to me, these are the familiar dimsum of my childhood and I'm glad that Crystal Jade still offers it. There's a reason why these choices have survived the years and its because they are really good.


man tao 

Xiao Long Bao 

chicken feet 

steamed vegetable dumpling 
And because Crystal Jade is so awesome, I am giving away a dimsum buffet for two to one of my loyal readers. I will just do a random draw from the people who have liked my facebook page.

Thanks Auntie Lucy for taking care of me when I visited your branch. I had so much fun.

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