Wednesday, June 17, 2015

the beauty of short hair is ...

that it grows back ...

Yesterday, I found myself wandering into a neighborhood salon. I realized my hair was already waist level and I was never really a fan of super long hair. I decided it was time for a change and so without talking to anyone, without consulting anyone, I went and had a hair cut.

Now this is my before shot.

As you can see, my hair is quite long and its also curly. I decided that if I wanted to change and go for something a bit more shocking, I would have to be open to changes as well.

It was very liberating. To have cut this much hair was in a way empowering. I didn't even flinch nor cried and I know a lot of girls who would.

After it was cut and styled, I had it colored. Yes, I had it colored. As you can see from my face I wasn't too happy when this was taken simply because no one told me that peroxide on your scalp WAS ITCHY. Omigosh, it was so itchy I was cussing and almost cried. It was just so bad. I never knew it could itch that badly. UGH.

Finally, here is the finished product. I had it colored medium blonde. It doesn't look so blonde which was exactly how I liked it. I wanted my hair colored, not look like a trying hard wannabe American.

So far, reactions of people have been positive and I am pretty happy with it. I'm glad I finally said yes to having my hair colored and cut. Sometimes, change is nice.

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