Tuesday, June 2, 2015


KC Concepcion has truly made a name for herself. She is no longe the daughter of Sharon Cuneta. She is simply KC. She is an award winning actress, a humanitarian, a TV host, an awesome dancer, and now, she does more by putting up a photo exhibit with THE Mark Nicdao.

This is not just a photo exhibit as proceeds will be going to help rebuild Nepal. In 2012, KC and Mark went on a trip to Nepal and were able to take a lot of awesome photos. This year ,after the earthquake happened in Nepal, KC realized that she can give back by showing people what Nepal is about through photos they took during their visit back then.

The black and white ones are taken by Mark Nicdao and the colored ones are by KC Concepcion. These are the ones that I liked from the exhibit. I am so happy that we have celebrities who uses their status to help others. I wish others would do the same. I know I definitely would if I have clout.

with Mark Nicdao 

with KC Concepcion 

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