on dating a busy person ...

One day I was lamenting about having no one to date or no one that gives me special attention and my friend who was calmly listening to me whine for 3 hours at that time turns to me and says, "but you're so busy, where would you find the time to actually sit down and have coffee with a guy?"

I realized that at this moment in my life, I cannot afford to date someone who has a lot of free time on their hands or someone who will constantly want to be with me. I am too busy growing my network, business, and clientele that to have someone demand so much of my time will be a disaster. I cannot devote too much of my time and frankly, I don't really need much of his time as well.

I realized that in some ways, I have already matured and I am no longer the clingy girl that I used to be. I now know and accept that even if I am dating someone, I do not need to have them with me 24/7. I do not need their presence all the time to validate my worth and my existence. I do not need someone calling me to remind me constantly of their existence.

Right now, I need someone who will support me in the things that I would like to do and in return, I will give him the same amount of support. I will make time for him but I cannot devote all my time to him and I do not want him to devote all his time to me. If this is not something that works for any guy I will date then we need to stop seeing each other because right now, this is the case with me and I do not see any reason for me to change my ways.

After all ...