Friday, June 19, 2015

Two Types of People

I am definitely the one on the left. I tried biting the chocolate bar before like the one on the right and it just bothered me too much.

Books are supposed to be taken cared of. This is why bookmarks exist. USE IT!

Seriously, who makes a rectangular sandwich? Triangular is always the best option. ALWAYS.

Fine, call me OC but I cannot handle seeing an inbox with numbers on it. I receive an email and I need to read it, RIGHT AWAY. I see a notification and I need to check it asap.

I am more of an in-ear type of person. It is less invasive and bulky. With this one, its just really a matter of convenience.

Same with the notifications, things have to be in order. I have way too many apps to scroll through everything.

I don't have time to watch things on TV anymore. I am definitely the one watching on the laptop.

5 more minutes please?

So, which one are you? 

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