Thursday, March 31, 2011

why beautiful women are strong ...

We are strong because eventhough men covet us, they only covet us. They do not want to keep us. They want to put us on display and show us to the world. They want to be able to say, "she's mine!" but not do anything to keep us being theirs.

We are strong because we have been hurt; hurt too many times. We cry to sleep at night and wake up with a smile on our face because that is what is needed; that is what the world expects. We are strong because we have to be.

We are strong because really, who is there for the beautiful woman? Who would understand her woes and blues? She is beautiful and wanted. What else can she want? What else does she need.

We may be strong, we may be beuatiful, we may look like we have it all but please, do not forget ... we are humans too. We hurt. A lot. And we bleed and we have bruises. We're just more adept at masking them and hiding them.

Simply because it doesn't show, it doesn't mean that we don't hurt. We hurt. A lot. We bleed and we bruise. We just carry it with more panache but we hurt.

do you really wanna know what's in my head?


  1. You've been through a lot and I know you're strong :D You can do it and always have a positive view in life.

  2. thanks... I know I can do this ...


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