for the OC OC in you ...

* this is not a paid ad ... though I accept free samples. HINT HINT. Hahahaha ....

I'm OC. People have told me this, I have convinced myself I am not and then proven myself wrong again. I am OC and the thought of organizers, plastic storage containers make me smile. In this sense, I am the Breen Van de Kamp from Wisteria Lane. I heart organizers and a friend of mine has made it into a busines..

The brand is called Store and Stack and they sell a medium range of organizers. It comes in different colors so the fashionista in you will definitely not be deprived. We can actually say its fashion and function rolled into one.

Here are some photos.

Doesn't it look nice? It's functional but at the same time, it has a polished look to it. You know you wouldn't be ashamed to bring out this organizer in public.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Store and Stack now. :)