Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kanin Club ...

I recently had dinner here with my BBF and I'd like to share my thoughts on the place since it's always full and the lines just crazy.

I was a bit disappointed. I guess my expectations were a bit high but its worth a shot if you ask me. This is what we ordered.

sinigang na sinangag .. WINNER!

fried chicken
sagot gulaman
I loved the sinangag na sinigang. It was so different and crazy. It does something to the taste buds. It's sweet, tangy, sour, and all kinds of giddy. Yes, the rice makes you giddy. It's just really a different taste.

The chicken was so-so. It wasn't that memorable but it was okay. I wouldn't order it the next time though. I'd try something new just so I can understand more the fuss that it creates.

The ambience of the place is so so. I feel like it lacks something. It's not Filipino enough nor is it Spanish. It's just ... blah.

See what I mean? There is nothing outstanding about the place. It doesn't stand out. Still, I'd give it one more shot before I take it out of my list of places to eat at at Ayala Triangle.

At least I got a pretty good shot.


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