Sunday, March 27, 2011

the Pilarville experience of the SB group

Last night, at around 2am, I rang GO (who's story will be told in another post) and asked him if I can hitch a ride with him to meet with our SB group. He agreed and this is why I was able to attend the monthly meet up of our SB group and do some business as well. LOL.

As expected, it was so much fun and it was an afternoon of laughter, food, and mugger stories. Best part of the afternoon for me are the following:

1. hanged out with GO
2. saw L and the whispering moments and shrieks hahahaha
3. the CLASS photo
4. the people (all of you!)
5. I made some money hahahaha.
6. and did I mention GO? hahahaha

So, as always, here are some photos. Can you guess who GO is? Hahahaha ... I'm sure you're all dying to hear his story.

posing in front of the mugs and poster

the food

the class photo

the goddesses

It was such  a fun filled afternoon. Thanks GO for taking me there.

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