Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am GLEE ...

I watch the show Glee a bit religiously I have to admit. After watching, I'd be downloading the songs they performed and can be found belting the songs or listening to it over and over again. If not, I'd most likely be playing my Glee playlist and reliving the songs over and over again.

Tonight, as I was watching Rachel sing "Get it Right," I felt that connection again and I realized why I love the show so much. It's not just the songs they sing or the way they perform it. It's not just the storyline or the characters. It is because I see myself in them. I see bits and pieces of me in the characters.

I am Rachel. I used to be her anyway. I used to believe that one day, I will be a star and my star will shine brightly above the sky. Nowadays, its more of I am a falling star.

I am Quinn. I am the Queen Bee in any group I join if I want to be and though I sometimes come off as being a bitch, I do have my good side that I rarely show except to my friends and family.

I am Santana. I have my flirty side that I sometimes unleash but lately, I've been wanting to bury deep under the ground.

I am Britney. Sometimes, I just have dumb moments.

I am Tina. I stand out in a room full of blondes and I am the only brunette. Sometimes I just want to blend in but I stick out like sore thumb.

I am Mercedes. I may be curvaceous but I know that I am worth something. Sometimes though, I have moments of doubt. Sometimes, that sometimes lingers.

I am Finn. I am awkward and I am good at hiding my fears. I fear rejection and so sometimes, I pretend to be okay even when I am not. No one really wants to hear the truth when they ask you how are you and so I have learned to say "I'm good" and plaster a smile to my face.
I am Puck. I have a rebellious side that I keep in check but sometimes, it peeks it ugly head. When this happens, "breathe" and "let it be" will happen.

I am Artie. I am trapped. I want to do a lot of things but I can't because I am in a situation and so I just have to make the most out of it.

I am Kurt. I am different. I am unique.

I am all of them rolled into one. I am everything and I am nothing.

I am GLEE.


  1. "I am Britney. Sometimes, I just have dumb moments." -- FUNNY!

    i just get to watch glee every now and then...i must say i like the show. sino ba yung kinasal? :)


  2. i also watch glee but not as religiously as you :)

    followed, hope you can do the same ONLINE JOURNAL
    my soltero baby


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