Friday, March 25, 2011

kissing a frog

As a child, I've always been fascinated when I see an average looking guy with a beautiful woman. I wonder, why does that woman like that frog? Why is she not with Prince Charming? I thought that beautiful women should be with the handsome Prince.

Then I grew up and I realized, boyfriend # 1 was cute at best. Boyfriend # 2 was known as Beast and I was Beauty ... boyfriend # 3 was cute and tall ... # 4 was a worm and # 5 was BLECH! Apparently, this Princess has learned to kiss frogs and for some reason, kept kissing frogs.

Fast forward and I fell in love with yet again, another frog. However, this frog was smarter than the others and less braver as well and so even before the story started, it halted. This quasi ending has led me to a lot of thinking and while I was unwinding from jogging earlier, I began to think ... what is it about the average looking guy that beautiful or pretty women find fascinating?

In my case, its always the laughter. When a guy is able to make me laugh, that's step 1. When he can get what I say, and shows that he has brains that function quite well or amuses me, that's step 2. If he makes time for me and I feel that he exerts effort, then that's step 3.

The tipping point? When I feel that he NEEDS me ... then I am a sucker. It's the Mother Goose in me, the nurturer, the desire to feel wanted and needed. I thought that I could fix these frogs and maybe turn them into my own Prince Charming. Most girls are like that. Most girls think they can kiss the frog and he will magically turn into Prince Charming.

They don't.

A frog is a frog for a reason. They go, "ribbit ribbit" and will never say anything other than "ribbit." No matter how many times a princess kisses a frog, he will remain a frog.. The only time the frog turns into a prince is when the frog is ready. Yep, the frog needs to be ready. Not just need, but the frog has to want to be ready and to take that leap. Until that time comes ... I suggest that the Princess stop kissing the frog and instead, kick him to the curb and tell him to hop back into the castle when he's good and ready.

After all, it won't look when you go to a party in your best evening gown with a frog by your side.

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