Sunday, March 13, 2011

dear heart

Here we go again, falling for the wrong person, or should I say fallen? Is he really the wrong person? I don't know heart. What do you think? Do you think he is right for you? Do you think he cares about you?

Same shit heart. Same shit again. You love someone who loves himself more. Why can't you do the same heart? Stop it. Please heart, stop it. You're breaking again. Remember what I told you? You can't break anymore. Stop breaking. I don't know if there will be a strong enough adhesive or glue that can put you back together if you break once more.

He says you are the right love but it happened at the wrong time. He has a point heart. He does have a point.

Stop pretending you are okay. Stop smiling. Stop pretending. You are not. The earlier you admit it, the faster you can heal. You still need to heal. You haven't fully healed and now, you have new wounds that need to be tended to.

Are you not tired of hurting heart? Are you not tired of taking care of someone? Of loving someone who does not love you back?

I am. I am tired of seeing you with tears in your eyes. I am tired of picking up the pieces of you scattered all around the floor. I am tired of seeing you hurt over someone who does not seem to care that you are hurting. I AM TIRED HEART. I AM TIRED.

Aren't you?

- your brain


  1. hmm very interesting. personification for heart and brain.

    anyhow, i'll still say, there's a risk in every thing you do, so no matter what, at least you tried. love / relationship is a complicated matter and we don't have all the answers to it. especially the why's and how's.

    cheer up :-)

  2. @ totomai: I tried. I crashed. I got burned.

    @ prinsipe: hindi pa kaya sumagot e

  3. if you believe in the bible according to one verse the heart is the most treacherous part of the body, if you depend on it and ignore what your mind is insisting naku it will lead you to no good.

    hirap makahanap ng both heart and mind magkasundo no?


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