Sunday, March 27, 2011

won't you be my baby?

Let's call him GO. And boy, is this really a go. All lights are green and we are raring to  start this adventure. I call it an adventure because what we have is something that is not of the norm.  We even laughed about it earlier in the car because some people were asking what we were and I merely answered that we just make each other smile. That's all.

They could 't believe it and they think that it will lead to something else. The thing is, GO and I both don't want it to be more than what it is. What it is now is FUN. It's fun and laughter and its sweet and nice. It's exactly what we both want and what we both need minus any drama.

GO and I, we made plans. Yes, we did. We plan to go eat at Gayuma ni Maria, Mercato Central, Bon Chon, Nuvali, do some dancing, and have coffee at UCC Coffee. Those are our plans. The part that I like best, there are no false promises in this adventure and everything is all clear.

It doesn't hurt either that he is a bit of an eye candy and he is so not intimidated by me. So to you GO, I say ... loosen up a bit, seize the moments, and lets jump start this adventure.

I see a lot of moments here ... great, fun, laughter filled moments.

So baby ... here's a song from Dirty Dancing that we shall practice on when we have our dance lesson.

"So won't you please
be my, be my baby ...
my one and only baby
be my, be my baby now
Whoa oh oh oh."

Hahahahaha! It makes me wonder, that you always make me laugh. LOL.

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