Monday, March 7, 2011

ATC with B

It's been quite some time since B and I bonded and so yesterday, despite the wanting to stay at home and lounge around, I went to  ATC with him to give him his playtime and let him socialize with other children. I think he had too much fun because he came back to where Nanny R and I were seated all drenched from the fountain. I did reprimand him but did not scream at him. LOL. I understand more now that he needs to learn from his mistakes. What I did was to make him stop playing after the following:

1. he pushed a kid off the slide (thank God the kid was not hurt)
2. he took a leftover drink of some random person
3. he took a shower in the fountain area

I think it works because he knew it was his fault and so he didn't make too much of a fuss. :)

We ended the night by browsing for books at Powerbooks and eating at Jollibee. All in all, we had fun. :)

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