Saturday, March 19, 2011

banapple with bloggers

Tonight, I finally got the chance to meet some fellow bloggers. This is a first for me for though I have met people in real life who I initially met online, this is the first meet up I am having with fellow bloggers. As expected, there were lots of information that was swapped. What else can possibly happen when you put together people who write as a hobby and most likely are curious creatures?

Lots of good conversation. :)

smoked hickory bbq
pasta verde
the BEST chicken parmigiana ever!

caramel fudge
warm pecan pie

Banapple was such a hit that we had to try it ... and boy did we not regret it though the calorie count was unthinkable. We were so full that the only plate we finished was the chicken parmigiano. The 3 slices of cake, we sadly had to leave it with some leftovers.

Now I truly understand why Banapple is to die for. Food is GREAT, the cakes are AWESOME, and price, it ROCKS. Our total bill was Php900 only. How cool is that?

To more blogger meetings ... to more good food.


  1. Hooray pictures xD Sa uulitin, dadaldalan ko pa ng mabuti hehehe :p

  2. wow nice.. been to meet up with the other bloggers as well.. its fun meeting new friends..sana magkasama sama tayo mga bloggers

  3. Nakakatakam naman yung food nyo! Sana makasama na ko next time :)

  4. @ jedi: sana nga makasama ka na

    @ jack: yep!

  5. good food, nice place, happy people :)


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