Friday, March 4, 2011

Chateu 1771 dinner

A high school crush of mine surprised me by waiting for me at the ground floor of my office Wednesday night. Surprise being the keyword here because I had no idea he'd be there in the first place. I was ready to go home and mope but he saved the day.

We ended up at Chateu 1771 and I was so happy because I was supposed to have brunch there Wednesday morning, only to find out that they don't serve breakfast anymore. God must love me though because not only did I get to eat at this resto that I have been wanting to try but I had a night of fun and laughter with someone whom I never thought I would have the chance to eat with.

You see, back in high school, he would just ignore me. Completely ignore me. When he would bother to look at me though, it would be mostly to glare at me and so I'd end up tripping over myself. A decade later and the tables have turned. It seems he now fancies me and I am over my school girl crush.

Life! Men are sometimes just idiots. When you want them, they don't want you. When you don't want them anymore, then they start wanting you. TOINK!

Anyway, here are some shots of the night.

I want to go back to this place. I think it's worth another try.

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