Fely J's ...

It wasn't meant to happen. I was supposed to go jogging tonight and to feel the wind on my face and dance the night away at Ayala Triangle. This is what I had in mind and it did not happen.

I am glad that my plans for the night was altered by fate. I say fate because I just got a text from someone and apparently, he was working in the same area that I was and we ended up having lunch and then ended up having dinner as well.

I had fun. We talked about past loves and heartaches and cheesy lines. It was a good night. It was relaxing and it was what I needed. Thank you.

Lolo Ising's Adobo

broccoli and chicken mushroom

my friend, Steven and I

As for the place where we ate, the adobo was quite good but if that was their best seller, I don't really get the fuss about the place. Maybe I should go back and try the other things on the menu for now, I am holding some reservation about recommending the place.