Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am a C+!

I am a talker. This would have come as a surprise to my Mom since I was already 2 years old but they have not heard a peep come out of my cute little mouth.

Yep! They actually thought I was mute. Anyone who knows me now would roll on the floor laughing if I ever told them this.

I am a talker. I talk a lot, not because I like the sound of my voice but because I just have so many things to say. Never mind that the teacher is also talking in front, I will talk. Never mind that the teacher is ready to kill me, I will share what is on my mind. Never mind that the teacher has put lipstick on my face, taped my mouth, and placed me on a chair beside her so that I will be away from my classmates and be facing them instead, I will talk.

I am a talker. I will share my stories, write about it, talk about it, rehash it and talk about it over and over again. Sometimes, I even talk to my cat. Worse, I talk to myself.

I do that you know. I talk to myself. I even role play in my mind. Say, I will imagine someone and have a dialogue with that person in my head. Yes, I do that  for I am a talker.

I am the life of the party. I dominate forums. I am the center of attention for I am a talker. I engage people. I get them drawn to my stories till they would feel whatever emotion it is that I am feeling. I weave stories and paint a picture with my words. I am a talker.

I am a talker and this is why my whole life when I was in school, my conduct was C+. And that, is the point, of my entire entry. LOL.


  1. I presume this is why you also started a blog, because despite being, as you say, talkative, your thoughts still spill over and cannot be expressed to the fullest through speech :)

  2. kaya pala mala nobela rin mga post mo lol.

  3. Nope Jedi. I started the blog because I had stuff that I could not say out loud ... I had fears that I wanted to be rid of ... and I had pain that I could not share save for writing.

  4. "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." -Yoda

    "Blogging is the way back to the bright side. Blogging leads to enjoyment. Enjoyment leads to healing. Healing leads to happiness." -jedi_randy

  5. mas bagay ka pala maging teacher. suddenly, I remember my talkative students! :D

  6. How cool is that? From your parents thinking that you were mute, to your utter talkativeness!

    I am suddenly reminded of the defense mechanism called "compensation". I don't know if that makes any sense though. Haha! :D


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