Saturday, March 12, 2011

my sentiments on the Japan earthquake

So, another disaster has struck the world. Everyone is all gungho watching it on CNN and other news channel (myself included) and I was in tears watching the destruction happening. Do I have family there? No. Do I have friends there? No. Do I know people there? No. Yet, I am affected.

I am affected for I am human. I am affected and I am angry.

Yes, I am angry. It pisses me off bigtime when I see status messages that say: "I hope the Filipinos are okay in Japan." or "I hope the so and so religious sect are all doing well."

COME ON! Stop being so narrow minded and selective people. If you are gonna pray, pray for EVERYONE. The Japanese are humans too and whatever religion they may be, they are HUMAN too. So if you will pray, pray for everyone. If you want to be choosy, then don't include the rapists, child molesters and other criminals but don't say "Please keep the Pinoy's safe."

We're not special. God is not going to choose to save just the Filipino simply because we're such "prayer loving creatures."

Get over yourself. GGGRRRRRR!!!!

And so I say, I pray for strength for everyone who has been affected by this and I hope that we all heal and learn to care for each other.

That's all.


  1. totally agree. having experience this tragedy, wow. i just cant explain it. it's so disheartening to read status / messages / tweets like what you have posted above.

    we are all one. :(


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