Tuesday, March 22, 2011

from one goddess to another ...

I recently met a fellow collector when I sold him some mugs. When I initially met him, I kinda had a good feeling about him.  I felt that he was someone I would like to have as a friend and I was right. 

We recently met up and hanged out but before that, we would already talk on FB and text each other. We just got along. I am so grateful that he has become a good friend and that he can relate to what I was going through. Funny thing is, he apparently knows two of my exes. 

Yep, two of my exes since he went to the same school with them and they were batchmates. Eeekkk! Hahahahaha. It was so funny and I know that he found it so funny as well that I was exes with these two guys. What a small world indeed. 

So to you, L Cagandahan, to many more pictures, to many more moments, to many more goddess like poses. Let us take care of ourselves, our hearts, and our minds.


  1. sobra ... you should have seen the way I screamed when he said he knew them ... it was such an OMG moment


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