Saturday, January 8, 2011

we are growing trees ...

This post is for my brother K and to the others who are going through challenges.

I went through a very tough time last year (February 2010.) It was so tough that I actually contemplated the unthinkable and executing it. I thought that I was at the lowest point of  my life that when people would ask me how I was, I would say, ground zero and digging deeper. I meant it. I meant every single word and I thought that there would no way to get out of the hellhole that I was in. I truly, honestly, believed that.

Fast forward to a year later and things are much better fo me now. Way better to be honest. I am in really good terms with my family now, I have a job that gives me what I need and helps me to be more patient, I have great friends,and I am a much better person.

I may not be as financially stable as I would like to be but I am on my way to getting there. I know what I want and I have steps to getting to where I want to be. I am also more able to see the bright side of every bad situation. I can look at something awful  that is happening and tell myself:

"This, too, shall pass." and "This is a blessing in disguise. I'm just not able to figure out what the costume is."

As I posted on the walls of Kirk and K ...

" A growing tree sheds a lot of leaves first, grows even more, then sheds a lot more, before fully realizing its fullness, strength, and beauty. It needs to go through some form of loss before it can become what it is meant to be. As with the tree, you will encounter challenges and setback but what you need to remember is that in this life, every single bad thing that has happened, happened for a reason and is a blessing in disguise. Choose to look a what you can gain from each experience. This is how you will become truly successful in LIFE." 

" A diamond does not get placed in the ring of a woman without having to go through so many beatings. A diamond is molded and put through fire to ensure that it turns out the best way it can be. A diamond like you may be on fire right now, but know that in the end, it is all because you need to shine and be the best that you can be. Thank God for giving you trials. It means he wants you to shine."

I meant every single word I wrote on your walls. You may be going through rough  patches now but in the end, these rough roads are what will make you stronger and  teach you how to jump, stumble, fall, and rise in the most graceful manner possible. So persevere and forge ahead ... your path has been laid down and it has a lot of humps, obstacles, and mini mountains that you need to go through. 

The good news is, you WILL get through it and you have friends and family to help you go through it. So fall and stumble, but get up, wipe yourselves off the dust, and move on with your HEAD HELD HIGH. This is who you are ... a FIGHTER and a WINNER. 

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  1. A very positive post. We need it once in a while. Aja!

    Visiting from FBW sis :))

  2. I never knew you personally and only just met in blogging recently, yes I can see that you are strong and can make it throughFit and Fashion Mom
    Raketer Mama
    From wala to okay

  3. In everything there's always an opposition. Trials may take in different forms. You may overcome them or others may do that for you. That's how God helps those who have unwavering faith in Him. Whatever matters, trust the Lord. God bless!

    From RandomThoughts!

  4. This is a very inspiring blog post. Trials, tribulations, whatever else we call them, are there to test the strength of our character. Congratulations on your move up from ground zero to ground positive!

  5. everyone experiences a blockage at one point or another in their lives, what's important are the lessons learnt...

    and in those difficult times family and friends lang talaga kakampi mo, lucky that they have a sister and a friend like u...

    visitng from FBW

  6. nice positive thoughts!
    Ang magkaka dugo di nag iiwanan! Mabuhay!

    Happy New Year!

    From: Cha


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